Temporary replacement for ATIS? [Suggestion]

I was ground controlling at LAX earlier today, and everyone I controlled just wanted to go to Runway 25L and 25R, when 24L-R were both completely open, and I was thinking, why not have the ground controllers have a button that says something like “KLAX is using [current Departure runways] for departures” and have the Tower have a similar button like “KLAX is using [current Arrival runways] for Arrivals” and maybe even have a selection when the controller starts operation that asks him/her what runway(s) he wants to use, and whenever a plane connects, it’s the first message that reaches them. I was just thinking that could be the temporary replacement while ATIS is being reworked or whatnot. Just a thought


Sounds like a good idea… The problem you refer to at KLAX is that most people hate long taxis, and go for the closest runway — 25R. For some reason most people spawn on that side of the airport…

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Duplicate Topic

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I wouldn’t call this a duplicate; just a similar idea.


Do have the “itchy-finger” Sean?

Also in the “pushback approved” a message could be added, runway 24L in use or expect runway 24L for departure. Of course 24L can be replaced by any available runway.

“PH-ATH, pushback approved, runway 24L in use”.


Excellent idea! Then we will know which side to go. Because sometimes, we push back to wrong side so we have to make a return…


I mean, 90% of planes go to the 25s and only like 4 go to the 24s, and what makes it worse for the Controller, and everyone on the airport, is that all of the planes trying to land go to the 25s too, which usually starts lengthy delays for the people trying to be more efficient and going to the 24s. (If you understand that?)


People are just people hate the long taxis but love the long flights, figure? Still it’s hard for people on Playground to appreciate what real controllers do and if they were asked to go to another runway you can’t just say no.

Plus it depends on what gate you start at as well, like you wouldn’t taxi to the 25s if your closer to the 24s

I prefer to put departures on inside RWYs and arrivals on outside RWYs. Both options available for captains and steady flow of airplanes. Unless 25R gets completely destroyed wit huge lines.