Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) - "The Big Red Circle"

Hiya Deer! Thanks for the update! Just 2 quick things I noticed. I’ll mark below.



So I can take a boeing 747-8 to LCY? 😏


Thanks Matt!

It just clarifies that there is no boeing aircraft in the game that is smaller than A318

It was a joke cuz it says nothing larger than the 318, excluding the Boeing aircraft from that rule

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I clarified for folks on training. When I was controlling at LCY there, I saw things you won’t believe, like an A380 doing whatever he wants and changing his name to I HATE ATC. I appreciate the joke but what you might think of as a joke can actually happen there

I hope you realize that I am in IFATC as well, an officer, and I know what you mean. I was just cracking a joke. Didn’t thing it’d cause any issues


Was a funny joke indeed haha

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More can now be found in the User Guide here