Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) - "The Big Red Circle"

No, not at all. Its extend to 10,000ft.

Does 10,000 feet apply to all TFRs in the US?

Not really, click on them for details. There should be Ceiling in the details.

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Alright, thanks for the info.

Phew. Thank god KRIL and KGJT are just outside the Rocky Mountain TFRs.

Nice tutorial, thanks

cool this explains alot. this topic needs to be bumped for the new people.

When I clicked I didn’t know it was a bump! I thought it was brand new!

Great tutorial, Deer! I think you should add the permanent TFRs of VOHS, OBBI, EGKK and EGLC, since they aren’t in the database!

Thanks. I updated this just now to reflect the airports that you have listed. I have also touched up Aspen, Eagle, and Lukla to more accurately represent word for word what is shown in app. Let me know if I’ve missed any airports that may have snuck in a TFR without my knowledge. 😁


Hiya Deer! Thanks for the update! Just 2 quick things I noticed. I’ll mark below.



So I can take a boeing 747-8 to LCY? 😏


Thanks Matt!

It just clarifies that there is no boeing aircraft in the game that is smaller than A318

It was a joke cuz it says nothing larger than the 318, excluding the Boeing aircraft from that rule

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I clarified for folks on training. When I was controlling at LCY there, I saw things you won’t believe, like an A380 doing whatever he wants and changing his name to I HATE ATC. I appreciate the joke but what you might think of as a joke can actually happen there

I hope you realize that I am in IFATC as well, an officer, and I know what you mean. I was just cracking a joke. Didn’t thing it’d cause any issues


Was a funny joke indeed haha

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More can now be found in the User Guide here