Temporarily deactivate subscription

Hello IFC,
I currently use a pro subscription, I’m part of IFATC and two VAs so I don’t want to cancel it.
Is there a way for me to let Infinite Flight think I don’t have a subscription? So that I can e.g. only fly the selected planes and within the (updated) free regions?
I want to use it to update the Airbus Lite program, which is a program of Airbus Virtual for users below Grade 3 or who can’t buy a pro subscription. As there’s no exact boundaries for the regions it would be helpful for me to access the app like a non-pro user.
Thanks in advance :)

So are you wanting to go to the non pro version to build routes in the free region?

If so Two options you have that I know of:

  1. Let your sub run out and use the free región until done
  2. Create an account with one of the legacy sign ins.
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You basically want to sign out and use the app as you’re not signed in on the account with the sub?
The following might work:

  • Go to Settings → Account
  • Tap “Switch account”
  • Tap “Revert to default account”.

That works in some cases, but not all. Depends on a few different things.
Just make sure that your account is connected before doing so.

Technically not possible since quite some time :)


The “revert to default account” hasn’t worked for me unfortunately. I might try to create a second one then, tho I’m not quite sure how to do that yet

What’s this then?

Cause I can sign into my old IF account just fine

That’s a sign in option for those who already have their account linked with Google or Facebook. Sign in is not “sign up” ;)

Just out of interest tho, what are some factors it depends on? So whether the “revert to default account” works?

None that you can control really I’m afraid.

The system is designed to avoid people loosing access to their subscription, not the other way around.
So what it does now, is that it checks with the store what active products that relates to Infinite Flight there are and then match those to an active account in our database.

So even if i were to delete the subscription from your account, it would reappear automatically next time you start the app :)

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