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Hi all,

Many times, the IFC is the first place users turn to when they’re having technical issues with Infinite Flight. And often, the community is able to help solve the problem, which is great!

However, there are also many support topics that say something like:

  • My app crashed pls help!


  • Boeing 737 isn’t working right what’s wrong??

While this is not necessarily the fault of the user posting the topic for not knowing what information to include, it also does not provide enough information for community members to help. These topics then have a ton of responses asking for the device, operating system, and various Infinite Flight settings.

I think it would be helpful to have a brief template for the #support category, similar in nature to but less demanding than what we saw in Open Beta earlier this year. It could ask for the user’s device, operating system, Infinite Flight version, graphical settings, a summary of the issue, and an area to post screenshots if necessary.

Although this would obviously not solve everything, I think it would help narrow the more common issues down quickly and allow community members to give answers without 5 separate messages for device, settings, etc.

Let me know what you think about this idea!


Hey Rob 👋

I agree! It would really help keep things organised (like many of us like) and cut down on the amount of questions asked etc

However, I think users would end up deleting the template and typing their own thing. As a general rule it doesn’t matter how many times you tell users to do something with popups etc they won’t listen. And this will lead to other users telling to OP that they need to fill in the template instead of tying to provide assistance.

Additionally, users can be put off by the idea of filling in a template (a bit like being greeted by an extremely long form you need to fill in) and we ideally want users asking for support 😅

As discussed previously users will either:

a. not fill it out or not fill it out properly missing out important information in the topic
b. Enter something unrelated to the issue

Overall, I really like the idea but in reality it probably wouldn’t go to plan as well.
Have a great day!

No two support topics are the same and this has been tried before in the past. Many people will ignore the template or give incomplete answers. There is no perfect solution I am afraid.

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Even the #live:events and #screenshots-and-videos format doesn’t get followed. But of course I understand why the events one isn’t needed.

Hiya Rob!

I made a similar topic a while back asking for the same thing, and Seb gave a fantastic response you should read, it’ll probably answer your questions


Thanks for the reminder! :)

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Thanks all for the responses - guess I’m a bit more optimistic about folks following a template than others, and all your responses bring up valid points :)

I had a very similar thought ;)

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