Temperature Question

What does the temperature slider at the bottom do? Does it change the flight physics or something?

its a very good question i’m asked everytime…

hope to see. but i think the cold was better for flying i think.

I don’t believe it changes anything to be honest.

We could ask one of the developers. @matt @DIsraelFDS @philippe

It can be use to set the density altitude and affect the performance of the aircraft.

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Time for some physics/chemistry :)

Air density has an impact on engine performance. Try taking off a C172 at KLAX, then compare it to KASE with the same conditions. It’s going to be harder to take it off at KASE because of the airport’s high altitude. With higher altitude, air is less dense, and engines perform differently (in the case of the 172 as an example, it is much harder to gain enough speed to get airborne).

Air density is nicely modelled in IF, it’s one of the reasons why at higher altitudes your airspeed is lower than your groundspeed (less air to measure airspeed against).

Now, back on to the main question regarding temperature.
Temperature is a factor used in order to calculate air density. Air is, in theory, denser at colder temperatures and less dense as temperature increases. Air density can be calculated using the ideal gas law (you may remember this from chemistry class -> PV = nRT). Although it may appear to have little effect, you will notice it in smaller aircraft at higher altitudes.

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That’s true. I like it when I have to use TOGA instead of a normal FLEX departue like on every other map. Gives me more of a pilot feel :D


High temps=Poor engine performance
Low temps=Better engine performance

You know the term “hot and high”? Temperature is part of it


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I tagged them because they made the game. They would know if it has any effect on the flight physics at all.

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Yes, when temperature increases, air density reduces. As temperature decreases, air density increases.

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@Keegan_Gidley I guess, guess, they added that because maybe they’ll add failures of the aircraft, dealing with temperature (engine freeze)

Nope definitely not

Ok, just wondering :) But we will never know 100%🤔

warmer weather decreases aircraft performance because warmer air is less dense. This means there is less air going over the airfoil which in return requires more effort from the aircraft. I have no idea if this does affect the physics in IF but in reality, warmer weather does hinder aircraft performance.

TBH I have 100s of question related to aviation in general and about Infinite-Flight. If all of them feel that way you think the dev’s job is too answer all this questions? He created this forum to help one another. You are most likely to get an answer. If not then the developers circle can help you, You never questioned Apple dev’s or Microsoft if you had trouble with your phone and software. You went around searched google or asked help in the forum. Why do you think you got more rights here? Becos he has account in the forum? There is no big or small members here everybody same, just ask question you’ll get an answer. Don’t need to tag admin or member. If you are not happy with answer just wait little more time for ppl to chipin, or questions the answer in the same page.g