Temperature glitch in solo mode

Recently I have encountered an issue during solo flight where regardless of what is the temperature set, it will default back to 25 degrees after a while.

This poses a problem where the ground speed will suddenly change (or even resulting in a sudden overspeed).

Device: Samsung S23 Ultra
Operating system: Android

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Could you please describe what exactly happens and when?

When you’re able to reproduce, what are the steps?

Hi, when I leave the app, and even change the aircraft type and reopen the app to solo mode, I continue to get the same temp as was last set.

So, you noticed the OAT actually was triggered to change by something from the last setting?

It isn’t that you noticed the OAT is different from where you last set the temp slider? (they will almost always be different because of airport altitude being different from sea level)

Also, if you happened to fly to a different location, with a different airport altitude, the OAT will be different from your starting location, which changes the ground speed for a given IAS.

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