Temperature and Altitude Performance

Irl hot and high conditions have been known to reduce takeoff performance. Hot referring to high temperature and high referring to high altitude. Is this simulated in IF? Or does takeoff performance stay consistent?

Yes, the aerodynamics of IF are simulated where you will notice differences in performance while departing from hot or high altitude airports.

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Short answer, yes. High altitudes effect your performance. I don’t know about temperature.

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High temperatures at KEWR I takeoff earlier and lighter and when cold it takes off later and feels a little denser. I noticed that and it blew my mind.

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Temperature affects performance in the same way. The higher you are the less ambient pressure and the less air density. With temperature is the same, the hotter the less air density. Lower density means lower oxygen and lower amount of fuel that can be used.

To be honest I’ve messed around with this over the years and I really don’t think temperature affects anything in the sim.

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