Temp on HUD

IPHONE7 LATEST IOS AND IF somehow I now have a temp readout on HUD. How to remove please.

Hold it in and you can select loads of different things for your HUD, Andrew it would be your choice! You’ve probably accidentally touched it and changed it :)

Thank you for contacting support and go Noles! 😉

Could you please provide a little more information and screenshot so I may better assist you?

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If the issue is what I think you’re describing, hold down on the button I have highlighted, then slide up or down to change your HUD from maximum to minimum information. Please let me know if this resolves your issue!

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Tried all 4 HUD settings. Deleted and reinstalled app. Same. Btw logbook went to zero on reinstall…Is that normal? image

The top setting controls how long the information will stay on your screen. Do you have this set to more than 2 seconds? Also, ensure you sign in with the same credentials used previously and your stats should be restored. As Brandon mentioned below, there are only three HUD options but you can configure the status bar below to continuously show OAT or any other information you need. Thanks for the patience, but we’ll definitely get you back in business.


There are only 3, and whenever the HUD is present it will show the OAT. This isn’t something new. If you wish to remove the HUD entirely go to the settings tyler listed and select the very top one. Hope that helps.

Thanks to all. I am sure it’s something I “adjusted” …Will take your suggestions and keep learning. GO NOLES!!