Temora Airshow 2018 [Old Aircraft and Warbirds!]

Hey IFC! Today I went to Temora which is about a 2 hour drive from Canberra. We went to an airshow and saw a bunch of old aircraft used in the 20th century. One of the highlights was seeing the only 2 airworthy Spitfires in the whole of Australia in a formation flight! Overall it was a very enjoyable experience and a fun day out. Here are some pictures and videos below.

A flying trio!

And here’s a low pass.

Here is a Boomerang and a P-51 Mustang (Correct me if I’m wrong) doing some circles.

And now it’s just the Boomerang. If you’re wondering what the whistling sound is it is the air flowing around the gun ports on the side of the aircraft!

Here we have a Cessna O-2A. This unique aircraft has 2 engines on the main body of the aircraft. One in front and one behind.

And now onto the Spitfires! This one surprised us from behind and did a roll in the air.

Here is a Spitfire doing a side pass. You can really see the elliptical shape of the wing.

This is both Spitfires doing a low pass of the runway. Awesome seeing these two birds together in the sky!

That’s it for videos. I took a whole bunch more but I saved the good parts for this topic. Here are photos of all the aircraft at the show.


And here is up close with the Spitfires.

That’s everything covered! These videos really can’t capture the beauty of these aircraft.


Looks really fun nice vids and pictures I like the trio!

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Damn, that’s a ton of videos and pics. And they’re good too. Normally I wouldn’t take any pics when I’m visiting something awesome, as I’m too busy being amazed at it lol. The Temora Airshow seemed fun, I would’ve loved to come.

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That looks like a great airshow! I don’t really have the opportunity to go to an Airshow that often. I have only been to Riat, whith the RAF cadets.


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