Tell the story of your biggest flight in the IF

My biggest flight was from Dubai to Sydney, I’m motivated to travel around the world I will go from Sydney to Auckland, Auckland - Buenos Aires - Brazil - Dubai !! Does anyone have the nerve to go with me lol? Tell the story of this flight from Planning to Gate at the destination airport !! My story was funny because I took off with maximum fuel without a route when I was in Sydney, my route had been accidentally deleted and I did not see it, it turned out that it worked out lol !! Sorry for the duplicate I’ll change the title !!

I believe this is a duplicate

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One minute please just search up Longest flight. Press search. And there is a topic that hasn’t been closed…

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here you go

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This is a duplicate

KLAX-OOMA, flew 13h before I stalled.

Are all of them duplicates??

There are more of these.

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The other one was "infinite flights longest flight.

You changed the tittle

Yes !! seems more convenient with the post !!

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Yeah, huge difference between the two of them…


Do not be ironic please !!

I am not mate👍. I am just replying to you