Tell me you play Infinite Flight, without telling me you play Infinite Flight

When there’s this on their social media

I’m a developer, and I work long hours on the computer. I have a cellphone just for gaming. When I’m coding all day&night long, I fly around the world.

Best one yet!

That annoys me the most.

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I have all Emirates except for an AirFrance in English

I’m spiriting in a few classes

“Ohhhhh so that is the angle of attack, better note that down for next time”

“I see, this is where the flair should be”

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Best picture ever 💀💀😂

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Thank you for reviving a year and a half post 🗿😝

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Still annoyed that he won’t add the Death Star.

No mom! I cannot go to dinner right now!

Im currently decending into SKBO, El Dorado Intl. Airport in Bogota, Columbia in a Boeing 787-9.

El Dorado airport, ATIS information MIKE, time 1615

ZULU, Wind 030 at 8 Visibility


Temperature 18, Dew Point 10, ONH 1029. Remarks, no pattern work allowed.


Runways 13L and 13R,


Runways 13L and 13R.

Advise on

initial contact, you have information MIKE.

You really went from a reply to ATIS

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Personally I’d say I fly on Infinite Flight rather than play

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Can’t relate, I Staff ATC for an hour then try to do a couple touch and goes everyday. You should try to get into IF more!!

Hold on got to step out to land😁

You forgot the “No light Aircraft accepted at this time”

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Black and Orange? Halloween? Lmao pls

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Hold on I’m stuck in line waiting to takeoff

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Same here. I think one thing which is a crutch for the simulator is the fact that people think of it, and refer to it, as “a game.”

If Infinite Flight wants to continue to be developed as a Mobile Flight Simulator, I think the first step is to change the status in the app stores. It’s still classified as a “racing game” and rated for 5 years and up.

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I’m flying nighttime and the whole world is pitch black!