Tell me you play Infinite Flight, without telling me you play Infinite Flight

  • “What games do you play?”
  • “You wouldn’t get it”

Wife : " Hello, im home "

Me : " Radar contact "


I get that a lot. People don’t understand that being an aviation enthusiast is more than just a stupid hobby, it can be extremely educational as well. I just respond to them saying “Say this the next time ur on a plane and the ATC decides to not track you 😂”


Wife: “What do you want?”
Me: “ASH2005 is 5 m away from the refrigerator, requesting approach to take slice of cake” 😂


Haha very good!

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I also get this. Unfortunately some people don’t understand the beauty of aviation

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My current grades in school

B=Air France
C=Delta airlines

Yes! And they blame us 🫤

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thats German right there🤓

It is the most annoying thing ever 🤣

Both my kids when im using the toilet: “daddy need a wee, need a wee”

Me : “line up and wait…”


I see a Cessna taxiing with the callsign: (Any Major Airline)(Flight No.)(Heavy/Super)


Parents: We have to go!
Me: Let me land real quick I’m like 5 miles out!

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Those two in particular are quite relatable!!

Friend: Comes over and says hello.
Me: Greets after inviting inside.
My device: Los Angeles airport, ATIS information ALPHA, time 0252 ZULU, Wind 290 at 11 Visibility 10, Temperature 20, Dew Point 16, Altimeter 2997. Remarks, no light aircraft accepted at this time. Landing Runways 24R and 25L, Departing Runways 25R, 24L and 25L. Advise on initial contact, you have information ALPHA.

My friend: What is that?
Me: Los Angeles Ground, N323AS request pushback with information ALPHA, requesting Runway 24L


Wake up in the middle of the night to check my phone….”oh I’m good, got a couple more hours”

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Calculate when I’m gonna have to decent and then land so I can put my alarm when I’m asleep

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“The Cessna 208 is in need of a new cargo pod removal choice ”

background: if you are like me you have to do flights both ways so from AMS-YVR and then YVR-AMS

here you are disappointed you will have to wake up super early to land a pland

It’s impossible to butter a Cessna 172 and 208