Tell me you play Infinite Flight, without telling me you play Infinite Flight

I steer my plane during taxi with the rudder


I always have to go and eat at the time of my vnav (not very original I know).

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What are u meant to steer with

a little thing on commercial aircraft called a tiller, it controls the front wheel and not the rudder

I control the skies around some of the largest airports in the world, but not only do I not get paid, I myself pay monthly for the privilege to do so


Well i steer in game with the rudder?

yea, in real life General Aviation planes do that

Me showing a humorous Live photo to a friend of mine. Me showing my friend one of the screenshots from one of my flights.

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I have to make sure I wake up on time to land my long hauls

Oh no, strong winds during cruise have delayed my VNAV by 2 hours and I won’t be able to land because I have to go out

Friend: Want to go out?

Me: oh sorry, need to butter some bread first.

-Five minutes later -

Friend: Done eating your bread?

Me: Was I not specific enough? I need to butter the bread! we’ve been through this!

Friend: …


When I am busy I travel virtually but I am not a passenger, I am the pilot. This makes it so I can fly and Infinite amount of time. It is very fun! Just for the cost of $9.99!


I have a flight schedule for what I am going to fly in the upcoming weeks.

baby im landing

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Mom, I’m on a flight to New York Right now.

I care about 9-11, I honor the pilots and people who lost their lives, I also to a memorial flight over new york in the planes and in a jet

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Same here ! 😅😅

Woke up to a loud bang and a You crashed message on the screen


Wake up to a blank screen… Your game has crashed


Relatable 🗿