Tell me you play Infinite Flight, without telling me you play Infinite Flight

Oops I Clicked VNAV By Accident and Slept and Got a Violation 3 By Approach Controller 🥲


the flight, its an obvious choice really

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Ha! this was me the other day with my math assignment

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Too accurate

You open an airport for ATC for 30min, and multiple planes start spawning the moment you are about to close the airport.

Still waiting for @schyllberg to add the Death Star…


Ha! thats great! Do you know if you can add IF mods on an apple device, and if so is there a thread that you can link please?

schyllberg has been real quiet since this picture dropped…

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have you added the death star

Because that picture is more than 3 years old ;)

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just heard the Death Star was confirmed 21.8

also I hope that wasn’t a real picture…

and sorry for the tag btw

I thought it was four years old. Wow, my memory is atrocious.