Tell me a special story about your home airport!

Here’s my home airport story!

Egypt: Borg El Arab International Airport (Alexandria)
Just by the Mediterranean! Blue seas upon approach! Oh lord, it’s amazing! Mostly Short-haul aircraft arrive & depart.

Saudi Arabia: King Abdulaziz International Airport home of Saudi Airlines! Here’s some storytime!

KSA was missing an airline, they only had private airliners using a Cirrus and Cessna 😷! TWA came in and saved the country! They gave KSA a 777 & lotta American staff!


American staff had kids, kids need school, and they ain’t goin’ to a religious Arab school! So they founded my school AISJ! My math teacher has cupboards labeled TWA property!

Back on track: OEJN is the home of Saudi’s queens! I live right by it and I see those dash 8s (as in 747-8) on approach from my bedroom window!

What’s your airport special story?

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Merrill field used to be a dump.


Short and sweet… I guess

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interesting… 🤔

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Dang, you beat me to it!!


I thought of adding, “It still is since it’s located in Anchorage” but yea know. Short and sweet works


Just do it. You know it’s true.

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NPL: We got a new terminal which looks really nice, but it temporarily closed shortly after opening due to COVID-19.

DFW Airport - not enough foreign carriers

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KMSY Got a new terminal to replace the 50+ yr old one. It got delayed by 2 years. rip

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EGCC, Manchester, a Tui 757 took off from Bristol bound for Spain and had a hydraulics failure, couldn’t retract it’s flaps, so here I am, stood at a popular viewing point around 100m from the centerline of runway 23L when all of a sudden the airport seems to simmer down, which is unusual for a summers day, when all of a sudden I spot the approach landing lights switch on for 23L which is strange as the landing runway is 23R, when all of a sudden, due to the low flaps setting, the 757 comes soaring overhead, making a perfect, speedy landing, followed rapidly by the fire crews, it was very interesting to see everything fall into place for an emergency landing. Definitely reccomend any English spotters to check out this place in the summer time :)


when fedex first started, my home airport was going to be the hub for it but the airport commision said nope

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used to be an air force base in WW2

Small but slowly expanding (is it bigger than auckland?)

decent range of airlines and aircraft


Denver is a mile high so that’s pretty cool

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We’re called Grand Rapids Intl but we don’t have a single international flight…


KXNA just got changed from a regional to a national airport.


Ah, Long Beach.

KLGB - Long Beach Airport used to be a McDonnell Douglas factory! Here, the MD-80 series, along with several military aircraft that I can’t name off the top of my head were manufactured here. Now, that hangar is a Mercedes-Benz warehouse…

These days, we are just a normal airport. But, our runway is long enough for an A380, so we do get the occasional LAX diversion. We’ve had a United 787 land on Runway 12 as a diversion, for instance.


Ken Jernstedt Airfield (4S2) is right next to a gigantic retro airplane and car museum called WAAAM. Every year in September, it hosts and annual fly in where hundreds of planes fly in, camp over night, then leave in between the next two days.

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CGH/SBSP: 2 TAM crashes within 11 years