Teleport bug



1.At any airport any pad


3.Go to Weight & Balance setting

4.Slider to left(right)- OK - Settiing - Slider to right(left) - OK - Setting - …

repeat until crash

5.Fast double touch like below
(Reset to Parking - GEAR)

6.Repeat 5.
and you can teleport any pads in the airport :)

But, crash does not occur on all pads.
You may stop on specific pad. (I call this sponge pad)

★Bonus : Taxi without gear

  1. Stopped crash on specific pad

  2. Retract GEAR

  3. Release Breaks and Throttle up

  4. Calibrate weight

  5. You can taxi without gear lol!

※No any relevance to Landing counts and Flight times and XP

※Available Aircafts
Cessna Citation X

※Additional Info
iPad Air 2 (iOS 8.4 Jailbreaked)


Found the same problem 2 weeks ago !
Looks like a little bug

Wow, how did you find that! Looks like a weird bug.

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May have something to do with it.

No. Jailbreaking or rooting doesn’t cause things like this.

Honestly, this looks like a case of misuse of features with unknown consequences. Changing weight back and forth causes the plane to bounce on its gear and eventually exceeds parameters which results in a crash. Return to parking just sticks you in a parking spot.

Doesn’t even really sound like a bug to me.


How you did that???

That’s not a bug. That’s a plane continuously spawning in different locations due to slight movements.

It’s just spawning in a different parking spot. It’s not really a bug.

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