Tel Aviv To Miami Overnight With 5 People! El Al 787!

Tel Aviv To Miami Overnight!

Today, Me, @DanVenezuela, @Z-Tube, @ToasterStroodie, and @Udeme_Ekpo flew from Tel Aviv To Miami on an overnight! I hope you enjoy!
Server: Expert
For more flight info, see the last picture on the thread!
I have flown this route before. If you want to see some screenshots from those flights, click here and here

The three jumbos, and the one narrow.

@DanVenezuela rotates in the sunrise, while @CaptainZac and @Z-Tube wait for takeoff.

I rotate into the sunrise

@Z-Tube flies by the “Free” cam

Starting the descent into Miami.

@Z-Tube butters

I made a horrible landing, but everyone was ok.

@DanVenezuela went around because another plane tried to overtake him on final

Me and @Z-Tube at gate J5 (me) and J7 (@Z-Tube)

All of our in-depth flight details

Hope you enjoyed it! Please vote in the poll below, and tell me which was your favorite!

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Sorry to be that guy, but you’re only allowed to have 10 photos from your flight per topic. It’s ok if it was a mistake though, but make sure to fix it. 😉

Great photos though, looks like it was a nice flight!

All fixed. Thanks

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Thanks! They still look great!

Was a very fun flight. Great shots!

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Thanks! Glad you enjoyed!

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It was a great flight!

Nice screenshots!

Thank you!

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Was an amazing flight. I made it possible😂🤣🤣

Haha. Thanks

wow these all are beautiful 🤩😍

Yeah very nice

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed

Thank you!