Tel Aviv to Jeddah

So, earlier this week I was flying from Tel Aviv to Jeddah flight time was 1 hour and 32 min. After I took off I immediately turn right toward the south and after that I saw the beautiful Dead Sea.


Those are some nice pictures, love the scenery!

Nice pictures but this would never be a real flight and if it did happen it would most likely get shot down because of the conflict between Saudi Arabia and Jerusalem.


Might get realistic in the next few years :)

There’s not a real conflict, just absence of formal diplomatic relations. Informal relations are present and the Saudi government permits some flights to\from Israel to enter its airspace.

Ik, I don’t know what route to do so I tried this one

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Regardless of the realism or politics, nice shots dude 👍🏻

I hope some day there will be flights from Saudia to Israel

I hope so, Some day I want to visit Tel Aviv

But the route will almost never exist

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