Tegar_K’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello guys! I’ve applied to become an IFATC and I would like to practice so if anyone wants to come down to CLOSED (training server of course) to do some pattern work and give feedback that would be appreciated 😎

I’ll be occupying both ground and tower frequencies


Coming in a few minutes

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Thanks i’m open now guys 😁

I’m an aplicant for IFATC too and count me in for your training. I’m gonna make pattern work for you to practise both us sequencing (It can’t be done with 1 traffic but better than nothing right?) :D


Will be there in a few


Will be joining right now

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A 777 consumed me lmao


Feedback YA-HOO heavy:

  1. Hold position was unnecessary, there was enough spacing between me and the a320.

  2. Re-sequence was also unnecessary. Whenever someone reports their position, they are not doing it for another sequence (so don’t give them another sequence, they know who to follow) they are doing it because they haven’t been cleared yet.

  3. And this brings me to my 3rd and final piece of feedback. You cleared people for the option extremely late. You cleared me when I was on short final. Ideally, you want to clear people when they are on upwind, crosswind or downwind. Don’t wait to clear people on base/final.

Everything else was good, there are some things I would’ve done different but each controller has a different style. I’m looking forward to seeing you on the team!


Hello there,

Feedbacks from Bullet 99

✅ P/B
✅ Taxi
✅ T/O
⚠️ Sequences (No need to resequence after every plane that lands as Callaa said 😉)
⚠️ Clearance was very late…(Callaa mentioned it. also)
⚠️ On 2 of my patterns, you enjoined me to maintain best forward speed…it was easy for me since I was F22… but 350 KT on downwind is not a normal thing…try to slow the other ones ( Indonesia was too fast and broke the sequence on my second pattern…you should have slow him down instead of making me hit the AB)… usual speeds are 200 kt on d/w, 180 on base and final depends of the aircraft but usually between 120-150 kt…and altitudes are airports +1500 for jets and + 1000 for props guys (other pilots please see this)…
⚠️ No exit runway command on my landing (this should occurs between 70-90 KT…slower for GA planes)

It was not an easy session since you had a lot of people and …speeds were not necessary in the normal range but it was a good work overall…

Keep on the good work and ping me next time you open!


Hello feel free to tag me when you open next time, I won’t make it today sadly

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Thanks for feedback guys i really apreciate it I’II learn more soon 😁🙏

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Feedback I-PRMN:

  • Hold position not necessary. The space was enough for me to pushback and you can still taxi him to the runway.
  • Give way to aircraft on your left would be better to use with Bullet99.

Pattern - Landing

  • Late clearance and sequence. You can start giving sequence right after the plane takeoff to reduce your workload and don’t wait pilot to be on base or final to give clearance, so you don’t forget about them.
  • You can gave me a Go-around if you think the space won’t be enough for me to land, don’t wait until I announced it. Safe distance would be around 3-5nm or above
  • Make sure to give exit runway command when plane speed is around 60-70kts, not when they are off the runway

The rest are great you know the basic. Good job! Can’t wait to see you in the team. Tag me when you’re open again, Thanks for having me :)

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That was a great practicing session. I’m sure you going to be a good controller after some more practicing. Also all other pilots are great, nice flying with you guys! An IFATC member callaa also made feedback for you and gave very good advices. But i wanna add 1 more: you can use LUAW (Line up and wait) command in [Departure/Departure] Separations instead of waiting runway to be fully clear. You can line up 2 aircarfts at the same time, give one of them clearance for takeoff and when the first aircraft is airborne and far enough, you can give the clearance for second aircraft. Also there should be enough time for both aircraft to depart before an Inbound aircraft passes threshold. Thanks again everyone! I hope we’ll see you as an IFATC Controller @Tegar_K Have a nice day!

-Best Regards

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Thanks a lot for feedback bruhh 😊🙏

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I’m open EDDP guys now 🙏😁

@BT_HANDLES i’m open

@IF_Pramana @callaa @J-F_V open now guys

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@TA-VA_Kaptan_Asil capt i’m open now 😁

Close guys i have to go fr sometimes

Oh I’m sorry i didn’t managed to join the session. Our timezones are different I guess :)

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