Teenager jumps out of plane emergency door


Title seems like the teen jumped out midflight, however the teenage US citizen opened the emergency door of a plane minutes after it landed in San Francisco, slid down the wing and jumped onto a tarmac, authorities say. The teenager did seem anxious throughout the flight according to some passengers. No one had time to stop him.

The Panama-based airline said in a brief statement that a crew member on Copa Airlines Flight 208 closed the door and the plane then taxied to the gate, where all the other passengers got off the flight without incident. But passenger Isaac Rodrigues said there was no door to close and a flight attendant blocked the gap with her body and the plane then continued on to the gate.

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Not really the place for that kind of stuff.

There are limits to what to be considered as appropriate topics for #real-world-aviation. Just because an aircraft is remotely involved, doesn’t mean it fits this category.

And, this specific incident can’t bring a positive and contributing discussion to the community.