Teen lands 737-800 with no formal training in a Boeing simulator

So I was browsing youtube and stumbled across a video of a teen that had managed to land (in a Boeing flight simulator) a 737-800 using only the knowledge he had attained through materials available to consumers. I was honestly surprised that, going about in the way that he did, he was able to pull it off. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen the movies where some Joe Schmoe is able to successfully land the plane and I have also watched other videos of random people that succeed in a simulator. It’s just an interesting method that I haven’t seen before.

I would certainly never wish this situation upon anyone, but if you found yourself having to land a plane with no training, do you think you could do it? Also what are your thoughts on the teen?


I’ve seen that so many times with such jealousy, why cant they have this everywhere in the US?


Care to elaborate?

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This particular episode was filmed in the Netherlands. This simulator center is open to the public and unlike the US, which has very few areas like these to use these sims, there all over that region. The US only has a couple of Level D flight sims open to the public, like the one in Atlanta.


I’m pretty sure I could. If I combine what I’ve leaned from Infinite Flight, X-Plane, and real world flight training, it could be done.


I saw this a while back, I think I could do it because I play Infinite Flight:-D

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Not too bad especially if he has never been in a simulator before. I certainly have done worse landings in the 737!

One minor tip which comes to mind - on approach do not disengage the autothrottle since if you end up doing a go around pressing the to/ga buttons will only set pitch commands on the flight director and will not set go around power. Instead just go SPEED off since this puts the autothrottle in to ARM mode so you are manually controlling power but the autothrottle is available for the go around.


Although the captain being knocked out was kind of cheesy, I think I really regretted not studying hard enough to qualify for the IB course…

An irl simulator or FSX is more complicated then IF, without an interactive cockpit in IF its kind of unrealistic in IF, especially in 737s or A320s. The controls are in different positions. So by just playing IF, wouldn’t help as much to land a 737.


I know, I’m just joking.

I got the opportunity to fly a learjet sim and a B707 si and IF had trained me enough and back then I was not that great at IF.

I feel as though I could if it were a B737.

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