Teddybrooo's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED @EDDF]

Hello ma Friends,

So at the moment i am doing some ATC at EDDF
Open Till: Open end
Come and Join :D You can do some Pattern, depart or just arrive :D


I will be there !!

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Great looking forward to see you :D

May you can tell me what i can do better in the Future :) ?

I will send you a full message in Slack because you’re with me in AFKLM :)
And thanks for you service

thank you :)

I come to touch and go

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So sounds good, looking forward :)!

I’ll be there shortly

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Sounds great! Looking forward :D

Im Happy for an Feedback here or just slide into my DM´s :D

Really good job just one note you told me number 2 traffic on left downwind he was actually on left base. Not a big deal overall great job!

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Okey, Thanks for your feedback and joining :D
Have a nice Evening!

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Very good control overall, you have some small mistakes but nothing serious, well done and you still need training.

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Thank you :)!
Yes i will do Train :) Everytime i will do some patern work i will post it here
Have a nice Evening and Thanks for Joining!

First off, I suck in the Citation X, so my bad there. A couple things;

  • When I was coming inbound, you should have given a pattern entry instruction before landing clearance (Enter left base runway 7, for example)
  • You forgot about exit runway commands

Otherwise, though, you knew the difference between left and right downwind, so job well done! I’d be curious seeing you control in an airport with parallel runways though.
See you later,
-NOTBAD Ironic today I guess

Sorry about the exit Runway I was in the Kitchen in this Moment i was hungry .-. xd
but thanks for your Feedback!
I will Switch everday the Airport! i will take one airport in germany so may i will take Tomorrow one With 2 Runways :D
Have a nice evening and thanks for coming!

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Open at EDDF

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