Teddybrooo’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ EGCC (Passed Written)

Hello or Moin :D,

So at the moment i am doing some ATC at EGCC
I will have my ATC Test at 19 Zulu today :)


Coming N517FF

Thank you :) !

No I got ghosted for going -40,000 feet under an airport

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Then you should not do it :)


Heya, 2507 here. Unfortunately, i was the only one - you did a good job. If you want to save some time and & theres no one of the crossing runway you can include the crossing when giving exit rwy instruction :)

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Thanks for comming over :D
I will do that next time! I will open this afternoon again and hopefully more ppl while Join :D

Come and fly :D

Still open, but pretty Lonely :P

Feedback. I was N-TEXAS

Most of all. Good controlling. A few things to keep in mind as you control.

  • I know that it was a mistake, but you forgot to give me clearance on the last one. Even after I called full stop and reported my location, you forgot that I didn’t have a clearance to land.

  • When spacing takeoff, with multiple aircraft taking off, just use hold short and takeoff. LUAW shouldn’t be used on every takeoff. Also, you can clear the next plane holding short to takeoff when the airplane in front is rolling at 100+ kts.

Also, try to find an airport with at least two runways to practice for the practical next time you open.

But overall, quality controlling! Good job!



Oh i thought i cleared you for the Option, Ok maybe i mistaken there. Sorry
I will controll around 20Zulu again then on an airport with two runways! I just love stuttgart because its my home town :P
Yeah i gave some extra spacing on the Takeoffs because i had the time and Spacing for it.
Thank you for you feedback! And have a nice Saturday :)

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Open @EGCC

Open again @EGCC

The good, the bad and the ugly! The good: your ground control and exit commands great, transition level perfect, your clearences given in good time, correct use of pattern entry for inbound’s and runway changes. The bad: you cleared me 5L takeoff make left traffic but in the clearence you gave me left traffic after the option. You had already assigned me pattern direction in the takeoff clearence so it’s unnecessary to do it again. You only need to do that after a runway change or inbound for touch and go or if you want to change the traffic direction. Shuttle 19 called inbound for landing 5R. You cleared him number two but you should have sequenced him after me - “shuttle 19 number two, traffic to follow is on left base”. The Ugly: my landing in that strong crosswind.

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I’ll pop round if you’re up to it :)

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I just closed, will open again in 2Hours but ty :D

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Will be fast asleep. Maybe another time, good job on passing the written.

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Thank you for the feedback, the mistake with Shuttle 19 i found out too :P But i was way to late.
And with the again taffic direction, idk looks like i was a bit tooooo Motivated.
Ty for coming over and this great Review :)
Have a nice Weekend!

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Thank you very much! Have a good sleep :D

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One last ATC sesion before my IFATC Test in 3 hours!