Tecnical issue

i was in a toronto kyiv flight and i was in decent to the final and the weather global sever live server when in red.and that happen two time in this mouth

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Hello and welcome to the community! Could you please give us some more details like what device you run Infinite Flight on? When those are red, it means your connection is poor. This is normal and happens to everyone. The main fix is to either wait for your connection to stabilize again or get a better connection. Did it turn back to green after a while or did it stay red? Most of the time it should and it will.

this happens quite often with weather/winds aloft data, but dont worry, it should re-establish at the top of every hour

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This was happening with their global and live server connections too.

oh hi. Well well well we meet again 😂

It’s completely normal! Should resolve by itself in a few minutes.

The weather goes down from time to time, no big deal.
But if everything turns red than you most probably have an issue on your side, how good is your WiFi connection and does it happen to stop even for a minutes or two every once in a while ?

my device is a Samsung galaxy 10 its like you lose connection but i turn off the internet put it back i use my phone internet nothing its and this all ways happen when i di long hauls

when its trying to reconnect like to the WiFi the WiFi icon turn yellow fast and change to red in a sec

if this happen again i will take a photo and send it

i wait like 30 minute but never turn green so if you can help me that will be great thanx a lot

ohh and the check marks never turn green

Were you flying anywhere with a lot of people/planes?

First time was in canada the only plane was like 30 nm the second i was in Ukraine non traffic and the third was above UK there was like 5 people

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Hmmmm. I would suggest restarting your WiFi box or turning it off and on again.

Idk is when a pass the 8 hours of flight because i was in a 5 hours flight like 4 days ago and that never happen

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I think it could be that your infinite flight is using a lot of bandwidth. This probably has to do with something outside of IF like your wifi. Im no expert but that is my best guess…

I have a flight tomorrow if that happen i will restart the wifi box wait for a long time if the proplem do not fix i will send a message

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I use the IFAssistant

Okay (word limit)

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