Tecnam P2012

The Tecnam P2012 is a new 11 seat twin piston engine high wing aircraft. It is officially now flying for cape air. This would be a cool commuter plane to have in Infinite Flight, and it would be cool to have a twin engine piston.

Tecnam P2012 Traveller
Service Entry Year 2019
Seating capacity 2 + 9 pax
Wing Span 14 m 46 ft
Length 11.8 m 38.6 ft
Height 4.4 m 14.4 ft
Engine manufacturer Lycoming
Engine Model TEO540C1A
Engine Power 2×375 hp 2×280 kw
Propeller 4 blades MT-Propeller
Prop. Diameter 1.95 m 6.4 ft
Ramp weight 3618 kg 7986 lb
Max gross weight 3600 kg 7937 lb
Operational weight (1 Pilot + Luggage) 2386 kg 5260 lb
Std. empty weight** 2286 kg 5040 lb
Max Landing weight 3600 kg 7937 lb
Useful load* 1394 kg 3073 lb
Fuel capacity 750 L 198 US Gal
Wing loading 142 kg/m2 29.6 lb/sqft
Power loading 4.8 kg/hp 10.8 lb/hp
Speed, VNE 400 km/h 215.7 kt
Stall speed – Take OFF 134 km/h 72 kt
Stall speed – Landing (Full Flaps) 127 km/h 69 kt
VMC 131 km/h 71 kt
Max cruise speed (10,000 ft) 359 km/h 194 kt
Cruise speed (@75%, 10,000 ft) 320 km/h 173 kt
Best RoC 6,35 m/sec 1,250 ft/min
Best RoC SE (@5,000 ft) 1 m/sec 189 ft/min
Takeoff run 380 m 1247 ft
Takeoff distance 658 m 2159 ft
Landing run 295 m 968 ft
Landing distance 549 m 1801 ft

Look loose a nice little unique twin engine aircraft! I like it!

You earned my vote! I’d love for there to be a twin GA!


I would love a twin ga

It would be great to see this plane in IF!

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Quite interesting plane :) ✈️

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It is, it is the first 11 seat piston twin aircraft since the 80s

Cape air is buying 100 of these

This would be an amazing aircraft to fly and also a great addition to the GA fleet. This little guy has some amazing flying characteristics such as being able to handle it and get it to turn wherever you’d like even if the aircraft is stalled and also, compared to many twin-piston aircraft, this one can fly very gently maintaining the same course having only one engine. This aircraft is very nice to fly and has amazing aerodynamics which can make it a unique airplane to fly in IF.

I’ll clear a vote for this asap.