Tecnam P2008JC flap angle

So I was reading the AFM of this aircraft and noticed that the flap angle at take off configuration is 0 degrees. Can anyone explain how that works since the angle at flap not extended configuration is not given?

Can you be more specific? What are you looking for?

The aircraft has 3 flap configurations-
Up - angle not given
TO - 0 degrees
Ldg - 35 degrees
Do you know the angle for UP configuration?

I don’t. Looks like the manual just refers to TO as TO. How do you know it’s 0°?

Probably better to ask an instructor familiar with the aircraft.

I managed to find this where it states that the flaps configuration is actually 15 degrees. I flew a few times on a P2008 some time ago and don’t remember my instructor mentioning anything about TO flaps being 0 degrees…🤷‍♂️


Wow now this is something which I hadn’t noticed…thanks a lot for pointing that out

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