Tecnam P2008 JC MkII


The Tecnam P2008 MkII is a modern 2 seater propeller aircraft originally introduced in 2009, commonly used at many flight schools and cadet programs across the globe. Most noticably seen under LOT’s flight academy, it is slowly paving the way for modern aviators with a full glass cockpit, utilising 2 Garmin G3X Touch displays. The aircraft is capable of VFR night flying, however is not IFR capable/legal. The Tecnam P2008 is often referred to as the modern replacement to the Cessna 152, by out-performing the older aircraft in almost every factor.

The Tecnam P2008 has multiple engine variants and cockpit layouts. The aircraft most commonly uses a 2 fixed-blade propeller for flight schools, although can upgraded to the P2008T (Turbo), which has a more luxury interior, and a 3-blade fixed-blade propeller with a more powerful engine. Either option results in stunning design, performance, and easy operation. Similar to Cirrus, the Tecnam P2008 also comes with an emergency parachute.

Performance Specifications

  • Max Cruise Speed KTAS: 120 kt

  • Stall Speed KCAS: 44 kt

  • Rate of Climb: 755ft/min

  • Max Altitude: 14,000ft

  • Range: 703nm

Based on ROTAX 912 S2 engine, 2-blade variant

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