Tecnam P2002JF

The aircraft I took my first ever flying lesson in. Would be beautiful in Infinite Flight


Tecnam? @Tecnam2TA? :P

Why do so many GA aircraft look similar to one another LOL


I don’t even have to speak my opinion of this request; you can read my mind. XD

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I’ve seen that nose gear somewhere before… Could it be another Tecnam plane or could it be another GA brand?

Lol, did you ever fly it in real life? Took my first lesson in it.

Nice. I fly a Tecnam P92 (Echo) frequently in real life. I’ve never flown in the P2002JF though.

The gear and overall design on this plane may remind you of a Cirrus SR22 or similar model possibly.


The nose gear especially, since it appears to face backwards

Yeah Tecnam aircraft have a unique suspension system on the landing gear; especially the nose gear. It makes a sideways “V” shape almost. Not sure what plane you’re thinking of.

I can’t remember… I read literally every post here hahaha

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I think you might like this plane being added to IF

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Of course he would like it!

I mean if there’s a plane called Robber 123, you will like it too, right? xD

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I’m gonna go do a quick google search…