Technical quality

I feel as though the quality of actually flying is getting worse… the graphics are a lot better yes, but actually flying the plane is becoming more difficult. APPR and auto pilot are very inconsistent, especially on approach. I love infinite flight but my frustrations are getting worse. And before someone says I don’t know what I’m doing, that may be so but sometimes my approach into an airport is very smooth and then sometimes it’s unstable… when I’m doing the same thing.

I suppose the wind conditions can take accountibility for that

The autopilot and APPR are quite outdated actually, the transitions are known to be abrupt and hard as well as APPR always overshooting turns.

Overcorrection when you press APPR is annoying as well… It’s inexplainable

Sorry to hear about your frustrations.
I do believe the trick here is to outline and go through the issues you see one by one.

Not so long ago Tyler made a new APPR auto-land tutorial. Naturally you’ve seen this. How does your situation behave differently? Do you have any videos you can share?

The other issues you speak about is auto-pilot. Now I do agree the course corrections could be a little smoother, auto-pilot is a pretty basic feature to use. I mean: what can go wrong?
What specific issues are you facing there?

The third issue I read in your post is your ‘approach into an airport’. Do you mean here the final approach and landing? If so, then I agree with @vansh_purohit that weather conditions are a giant variable for each landing. I’ve done over 7000 landings now in IF, and still each one is different. My friend who’s a retired 777 captain has performed a multitude of these, and he’ll tell you the same.

Anyway, my advise, if you have issues, let’s work through them.

All the best,

Adding: You might want to vote on Smoother Autopilot transition in the topic linked below as this is a ongoing issue unfortunately which would need a rework of the A/P to significantly change (from my knowledge).

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