Technical problems

A question to real life aviation staff and the like, hope you won’t find the question to be stupid.

When an announcement goes that the flight is delayed due to technical problems, what exactly is that being referred to. Will it be a problem with the aircraft? Also, do they refer to mechanical staff as being technical? If yes, then what would they call a situation where one of the crew members has an emergency and they have to wait for a replacement?

I would have thought a technical problem refers to an issue with the Aircraft, or a vital piece of equipment needed for the flight to take place eg Jetway.

I had a flight delayed because of a technical issue, we had to swap Aircraft. 20mins before this announcement I saw the cabin crew and captain walk away from the aircraft, so I assumed a problem when the plane was inspected.

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When they say “tec problem” there is something wrong with the aircraft
Problems with crew is “operational” and anything else is “airport services”.
It would be a aircraft engineer who would try to fix the aircraft.

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