Technical Problems, and Delays May Cause Missed Connections

In August of 2013, while landing at FLL Airport on Spirit Airlines Flight 828 from Tegucigalpa, we had to make a go around due to another plane that was on the runway. We had to circle the airport and then we finally landed, and narrowly making our Spirit Airlines flight to Baltimore, Flight NK410. Discuss when you had to encounter a similar event like I did, nearly missing or missed a connecting flight.

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Well i would rather miss a connecting flight and afterwards booking another one than 2 massive airliners colliding on an active runway killing 200-500 people…


I missed 4 connections by being delayed 10 minutes.

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I’ve missed a few connection flights with the former US Aiways due to snowy conditions, and one of those I had to sleep at the airport until next morning when they rebooked us. Another time I missed my connection with A*A at PHL, because we left BWI late due to some APU issues. I literally saw my airplane pushing back at my gate😄 . Another time with Delta, did a connection in ATL and the layover time was so short that my checked bag didn’t made it to my final destination until the next day.

My United flight was delayed hours because of a light not working. Not sure if this was in the cockpit or outside. Missed connecting Virgin Australia flight, was pretty frustrating.

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I never experienced it but if it happens, is it the Company who pays the fees for rebooking?

It depends, if you’re connecting on the same itinerary, the carrier will be responsible for rebooking you. If you’re on a separate ticket for your connecting flight, then you’re out of luck.


Missed a connection of Emirates in Dubai due to Fog 4years ago

Missed a connection back when Continental was still in operation before the merger with United! Coming from Cabo San Lucas, we had a stop over in Atlanta. Weather was bad, and so was backlogged traffic. We just made it to the gate when our connection back to Columbus was taxiing away. Luckily they were able to get us on another flight back to Columbus, in order so we could make our connection flight there back to South Bend.

Wow! Really?! Hard to imagine missing 4 flights by a 10 minute delay.

Tight tight connections mate.

Why on earth were you on a 5 leg flight?

Fun fact- pilots are given a list of all connecting passengers and their departure times on their brief sheet.


Huh. I didn’t know that brief sheets contain departures of connecting passengers.

They are, but not past the flight’s arrival airport. I was talking to a flight attendant and they only had one flight, not both of my flights.

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Oh yeah definitely.

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AA47 - LHR - ORD (10 minute delay)

AA3737 - ORD - DSM (missed, rebooked on the 9PM rotation)

AA2232 - DSM - DFW (missed, rebooked on the 1PM next day)

AA2298 - DFW - DEN (missed, rebooked on the 3PM rotation)

AA6914 - DEN - SEA (missed, rebooked on the 11AM next day after AA2298)

@IceBlue Makes sense?

Long way to get to Seattle lol.

Did it work out cheaper?

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About $1000 saved, so yeah, I would think.

Also, who wouldn’t want to spend more time flying?

Blimey that is a decent saving

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