Technical problem when approaching an airport with ATC

What do I do if I’m approaching a busy airspace and the wifi for power shuts down? Should I just continue my approach offline or end the flight? I’ve had this issue happen when I was landing after a 14 hour flight and it was extremely annoying to have to end the flight. I want to know if there is anything else I can do should this situation arise again.

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You can just continue the approach, offline of course (assuming you have reached the offline time limit).

If for some reason you reconnect, you may either choose to continue the approach or end the flight. That decision is up to you.

Infinite Flight will disconnect you if you can’t connect back to their live servers after a designated amount of time. If the wifi shuts down, I personally would disconnect since it can get annoying for the radar controller when a plane pops in and out. You may continue offline as you wish, however.

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Oh IF will automatically disconnect? I was worried that the connection would return to normal when I’m on final and then I’d get ghosted.

If you don’t exceed the time limit you have the possibility of reappearing. I suggest in this case if you are just about to enter approaches airspace to hold until your WiFi connection returns so you can carry off where you left off. Helps the controller a ton.

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