Technical problem: Screen Proportion/scale messed up

The screen for Infinite Flight for my Galaxy A7 running Android Lolipop is way off. I provided a screenshot below:

Is this a problem with my phone, a setting I am missing, or is this a bug with many people’s phones? I am not able to fly because the screen is so messed up. I remember it running absolutely fine before but now it’s like this. The resolution is 1080x1920 in case anyone’s wondering.

As you can see, I am only able to power up to 62% thrust and my menu buttons are way off scale, as if it was created for a tablet. That is actually how the simulator appears on my phone btw.

Developers, please help me fix this issue thanks.


Have you tried restarting your phone and reinstalling the app ?


Welcome to the community!! Its Great to have you here, doing what @Joshua_Fleming said should fix it, if this doesn’t work please DM a dev like Laura or Philippe

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Don’t do that. @Boeing777x stop spreading false Info


I wouldn’t really say he was spreading false info , he was just saying what he thought was the right thing to do. It may of not been the right thing , but he was only trying to help :)

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PM Carson, he will know what to do

It’s an issue with the firmware last update. It affects certain Samsung devices like on5, A5 A7. Hopefully your carrier will send a patch fixing their bug. We will see if a work around can be found, but the focus currently is %100 on Global Flight. So it could be a while. Sorry I just don’t have a better answer right now.


Yeah still the same problem.

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I see. So it’s the Android firmware that Samsung provides that messed up the application. Hopefully a new update comes out fixing this problem later on thanks for the reply.

Three stars so savage

For support requests please only PM me. Don’t bother the developers or our volunteer mods with private messages for support. That’s what I’m here for. PMs are fine in general but if you send to the wrong person we cannot guarantee you’ll get the best or right answer.

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