Teams on IF

Question, are there teams on IF???
It’s just I see people fly in groups all the time.


Welcome to the forum!

We don’t have teams, but do have virtual airlines!

Take a look, pick your favourite and apply!


This is called an event, where people fly together. It could also be a group flight with a couple of friends who are using the the FPL.


A list of Virtual Airlines can be found here:

This list is constantly growing so be sure to keep an eye out for an airline that you may eventually want to join someday. Some people will also just fly with one or two other IFC members here on the fly.


What you may be seeing is an event from #live:events or a group flight from a virtual airline in the topics linked above ^. Virtual airlines are really fun and I suggest you look into joining one :)


There are the infinite flight Olympics

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Pretty well covered. Thanks for the help all 🙃

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