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For One Nation, With One Vision, Under God

Hello there! Welcome to the official team USA 2019 Airalympics thread! Team USA is a team here to represent the greatest country in the world with dedicated athletes giving their all. We are a team that allows anyone no matter what race, religion, gender, or beliefs. We are a team unified under one great country. We are team USA!

Our Leadership and Coaches

2019 USA Team Leader- @Plane-Train-TV
2019 USA Right Man-
2019 USA Head Coach-
2019 USA Coach-
2019 USA Coach-
2019 USA Coach-

Want to join our Leadership Team? Please fill out this application and we will get back with you as soon as we can!

Our USA Fleet


A318 Frontier

A319 Delta, Northwest

A320 Alaska, Allegiant, American, Frontier, JetBlue, Spirit, US Airways, Virgin America

A321 American, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Spirit


A333 Delta


B712 AirTran, Delta, Hawaiian

B737 AirTran, Southwest

B738 Alaska, American, Delta, Southwest, United

B739 Alaska, Delta, United

B742 Northwest, Pan Am

B747 Atlas, Delta, United

B752 Allegiant, American, Delta, DHL, Northwest, United, UPS, US Air Force, US Airways

B763 American, Delta, Hawaiian, United

B772 American, Delta, Omini, United

B77F FedEx


B773 American

B788 Delta

B789 American, United

B781 United

C-17 US Air Force

VC-25 Air Force One


CRJ2 American, Delta, Northwest, United

CRJ7 Alaska, American, Delta, Frontier, United

CRJ9 American, Delta, Northwest

Q400 United


E170 Delta, United

E175 Northwest, US Airways

E190 JetBlue

McDonnell Douglas

DC10 Continental, Northwest, Omini

DC1F Air Tanker, FedEx

MD11 American, Delta


FA18 Anything


C172 Generic

C208 DHL, FedEx, Generic, Private

CCX Generic, Private


SR22 Private


TBM9 Private


A-10 Anything

F-16 Anything

F-14 Anything

AC-130 Anything

C130 Blue Angeles, US Navy, US Air Force, US Coast Guard,

F-22 Anything

P-38 Miss Virginia

SpitFire Anything

Want to Join Team USA?

Think you have what it takes to represent one of the most elite countries in this competition? Well thank apply today! We will be taking up to 35 skilled and motivated athletes to lead us to victory! Before you apply, here are our joining requirements:

  • Must be Grade 3 or higher on Infinite Flight

  • Must have a Active Subscribtion to Infinite Flight Live

  • Be a civilized and mature member of the team. If you do not act age appropriate, you will be kicked

  • Must be active to a far extent and read all important notifications from our leadership team

That is all our requirements! Here is our application link. Please ensure all your answers are honest and appropriate. Thanks!

American Virtual


American Virtual is proud to be the official sponsor of Team USA for the 2018 Airalympic games. We are here cheering for every one of our team members as they compete against the best of the best from all over the world. We wish all of our teams participants the best and we can’t wait to see the team bring home the gold. Cheers everyone and stay safe, but most importantly, have fun!

American Virtual Official Thread

Will you be cheering on Team USA this year?

  • Yes I will!
  • Sorry, but no.

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As a former team USA co-leader, I wish you the best of luck in the upcoming Olympic Games! 😉


Thank you for your support! I am excited to recreate the legendary Team USA for the 2019 games!


Yippie! Can’t wait! These were so fun last year #merica! 😂😜

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Ok,just like with the Dutch team,I’ll get working on Team USA’s Design Your Own Airline Or Repaint 2 private jet.

  • American 737-800 Special
  • Delta 737-800 Special
  • United 737-800 Special

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Amazing thread mate, Best of luck Team USA…

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I am proud of my country! Best of luck in the Airlympic Games! :D

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Yay! Team ooh ess aaaa

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I’m in the squad for military. I made the select few

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American Virtual


Team USA is extremely excited to have American Virtual sponsoring USA at the 2019 Airalympics. American will be the official carrier for all our athletes and we are proud to welcome them to our Team USA family!


Can I get a military schedule for freestyle airshow and for pursuit race