Team USA // 2018 Infinite Flight Airalympics // Official Thread

Logo credits go to @Nathan

2018 Infinite Flight Olympics // Team USA

Welcome to the official team USA Recruitment Thread for the 2018 Infinite Flight Olympics. We are looking for 15 pilots so we have plenty of pilots for each event. Are you interested? If so, you’re in the right place! Read down below for more details and how to apply.

Meet the Leaders
@natedog508 // Leader of Team USA
@Chris_Hoover // Co-Leader of Team USA

Team Requirements
In order to insure we have experience and skillful pilots all applicants will have to take a test. If you pass the test you’ll be invited to our tryouts where we will select our top 15. Our tryouts will consist of multiple events like landing competitions and other fun games!

In Game Requirements
-Must be 12 years old
-Must have a pro subscription
-Grade 3 or higher
-Basic knowledge of atc
-Time to join and be active on our slack channel

How to join
Press the link below to apply for our team!

Our Fleet

-A318-100 Frontier Livery
-A320-200 Virgin America Livery
-A320-200 Jet Blue Livey

-Boeing 717-200 AirTran Livery
-Boeing 737-700 Southwest (2014) Livery
-Boeing 737-900 Alaskan Airlines Livery
-Boeing 747-400 Delta Airlines Livery
-Boeing VC-25 (Airforce 1)
-Boeing 757-200 Allegiant Air Livery
-Boeing 767-300 Hawaiian Airlines
-Boeing 777-300ER American Airlines Livery
-Boeing 787-10 United Airlines Livery

-Bombardier CRJ-200 United Express Livery
-Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 Horizon Air Livery

-Embraer E175 Northwest Airlines Livery

Lockheed Martin
-Lockheed Martin AC-130
-Lockheed Martin C-130H US Navy Livery
-Lockheed Martin C-130J USAF Hurricane Hunter
-Lockheed Martin C-130J-30 USAF Little Rock AFB

McDonnel Douglas
-McDonnell Douglas DC-10 National Airlines Livery
-McDonnell Douglas MD-11F/DC-10 Fedex Livery


Your first image isn’t displaying correctly.
Besides that it looks well thought out, good luck!

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It’s up now! Thank you for the support!

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We have now added an advisor to team USA! @anon11948201

We will also be adding a trainer tomorrow, if your interested PM me! Note: we will only be considering professional grade 3+ pilots. So make sure to meet the requirements!

Interested in competing? Make sure to click the link to the application in the first post of this thread!

Thanks everyone!


Credit to @Nathan for making this amazing logo. :) (from last year)


Yes I will write under that logo to give him credit :)


The application has a slight issue, the second page is in there twice.
Can’t wait for tryouts!

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Are you focused on going for the gold? I am very supportive of my fellow American Olympics team, best of luck

You don’t have to be American to sign up?

Awesome, we have received your application. Thanks for your interest!

Always going for gold sir, thanks!

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Nope, however you will be flying for team USA instead of your country.


Good luck Team USA! You may see me pop up at some the events or I might even escort you in a fighter during some long flights … we’ll see! :)


We would be glad to see you there!


We are still recruiting and taking applications. Games are approaching fast!

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Hello everyone!

The IF Airalympics are just around the corner! And team USA is still recruiting!

If your looking for a professional, organized and welcoming Airalympic team, then Team USA is the team for you!

Make sure to join ASAP! The olympics aren’t far!

We are Officially 1 Week Away from the 2018 International Airalympic Games

Join Team USA Before Its To Late


Training will begin soon so stay tuned.

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We are still accepting applicants! Applications close Monday night at 9 PM EST, so make sure to get your applications in ASAP!


Airalympics are Closing In! Want to Join the Fun?

Join Team USA Before Its Too Late