Team Sweden, IFO 2018

Hey everybody!

The olympics are getting closer and closer with roughly a few weeks to go until the torch will be lit. This will be a great olympics and as always the vision of Team Sweden is to win, but most importantly to have fun.

This year I will be organizing Team Sweden. As a semi-leader in last olympics where Sweden won, I lead the team to victory. I would love to do this again hence I am willing to lead Team Sweden.

Anyone from the world is eligible to join this team, but only if you meet these certain requirements:

Must be grade 3 or above
Must be a good sportsman (i.e. fair player).
Must have reasonable experience regarding infinite flight, the aircraft and the regions.
Must have live.
Must be able to follow rules and adhere to them strictly if needed.
Aircraft specifically chosen for Team Sweden:


As per event requirements we will also lease the required plane in a simple Generic livery.

Team Sweden will supply you with a communication platform where strategies, tactics and rules are discussed.

If you would like to join, send a PM along my way by pressing on my profile and thereafter “Send Message”.

Hurry up, you don’t have long until the recruitment closes.

Thank you!


We are Less Than 15 Days Away!

Join a Team to get involved with the fun!

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Good luck to all of you guys on behalf of the entire committee!

I heard this was canceled. What happened?

Am i already in the team?

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