Team Nigeria

I’m going to be running the team for Nigeria for the IF Commonwealth Games.

And PM thou for thee details. Thanks for joining.

P.S: Can someone add that small text for the title.

Edit PM @jjt0909 to join the Team Nigeria

The only problem with aircraft is that there is no Nigerian carriers so it will be mostly generic liveries.

#Arik Air
-Callsign: Arik

  • A330-300 (Generic)
  • Dash 8 (Generic)
  • 737-800 (Generic)
  • 737-700 (Generic)

#First Nation Airways
-Callsign: First Nation

  • A319 (Generic)

#Kabo Air
-Callsign: Kabo

  • 747-200 (Generic)
  • 747-400 (Generic)

#Med-View Airlines
-Callsign: Med-View

  • 767-300 (Generic)

And First event Which is only going to be me going

@jjt0909 Your Nigeria

Aww man well this will need to be deleted.

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Ok then well should I PM him or other way round.

The other way round

ok got it.

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Hello I thought I was nigeria

Ok then that would mean this topic would be deleted or…

Can’t you guys just get along and lead this team together? If you guys are going to debate about who was first then it would be absolutely meaningless.

Aye then @jjt0909 shall we work this team together till we find out who’s doing this.

Yes sir sounds good

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