Team New Zealand | IF Airalympics

*Hello! We’re happy to announce that Team New Zealand will be competing in the 2018 Infinite Flight Airalympics!!

Key Roles:
New Zealand Leader: @Connor_Seymour
New Zealand Co-leader: @Matthew
Trainer: Vacant

Requirements to join
To make sure that we have the best people for our team, once you fill out the application, you’ll go on a flight training. From there we’ll choose our top 15 people, this’ll include landing comps and fun flying games!

In game requirements:
-Must be at least 12 years old
-Must have a pro subscription
-Grade 3 or higher
-Basic knowledge of ATC
-Being able to be active in our slack.

How to join
Press the link below to apply for our team!

For staff members, just PM me with your application!

Our Fleet
-Airbus A320 Air New Zealand Livery

-Boeing 777 Air New Zealand (Normal and All-black livery)
-Boeing 787 Air New Zealand livery

-Cessna 208 Caravan Sounds Air Livery

I hope you apply to become the member of the first New Zealand team!


Great to see another competitor in the airalympics! Will be a pleasure to beat you 😁


Same to you. Good luck

I don’t have pro. 😭 Can’t do it.

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Just a reminder

That we’re hiring for both trainers and pilots, so apply today and see if you’ve got it!

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We are Officially 1 Week Away from the 2018 International Airalympic Games

Join Team New Zealand Before Its To Late

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Airalympics are Closing In! Want to Join in the Fun?

Join Team New Zealand Before Its To Late

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