Team Lebanon || IF Airalympics


Welcome to the official thread for Team Lebanon! Our country might be small, but our strength and power is not! We are one of the many countries participating in the IF Airalympics, but we are definitely the most unique! More information will be provided below!👇🏼

image Staff for Team Lebanon

image Aircraft

At team Lebanon, we operate some of the smallest and biggest aircraft! Here is a list of our aircraft!

- Cessna 172
- Cirrus SR22 (Livery 2)
- Airbus A319 (Generic)
- Airbus A321 (MEA Livery)
- Airbus A340 (Unmarked)
- Boeing 737 BBJ (Infinite Flight Livery)
- Boeing 747-200 (Generic)
- Boeing 767 (Generic)
- Boeing 777F (TNT)
- Boeing 787-8 (Generic)
- DC-10F (Air Tanker)
- MD-11 (Infinite Flight Retro)
- F-14
- F-22
- P-38

image Requirements to join

The following requiremts are required for you to join the team

  • Must be 12 years old or older

  • Must be grade three or above

  • Must have access to all servers

image Form to sign up

Here is the form to sign up! Once submitted, we will try to get back to you ASAP!

image Social Media

Our main source of talk is going to be slack. PM me if you want to join our slack page! We will also be using Instagram!

image Any Questions?

We hope that we have answered all of your questions! In the chance that we haven’t, please PM me your question and I will get back to you!


We also have a fun quiz on the country of Lebanon!

That was quick, I would like to welcome @Delta_Alpha_Lima as our new Co-Captain for team Lebanon!


Wow that was quick, congrats @Delta_Alpha_Lima, and good luck @AllegiantAir


Thank you for the kind words! And also good luck with Team New Zealand!


Thank you very so much for sending good luck for us! Same for you!

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Nice work on creating a new team!

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Good luck team Lebanon


Well it sure is nice to know there are other Lebanese people on this forum! Good luck :)

Actually I am not from Lebanon lol

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Im sure they would love to have some native Lebanese people join the team though

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Airalympics are Closing In! Want to Join in the Fun?

Join Team Lebanon Before Its Too Late

This Tuesday at approximately 0200Z, applications will close, and our pilots will start training! If you would like to join, now is the chance for you to join! Hope to see you in the skies!

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I would love to but my schedule wouldn’t allow. :/


Yes everyone, we are still alive, and yes we still need pilots! I will include the link at the end of this post. But I do have other good news! We recently won a bronze medal in the normal weight landing competition!

Medal Count

image Gold = 0
image Silver = 0
image Bronze = 1

So yah, that’s about it, if you want to join, click the link below!


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