🇯🇵 Team Japan 🇯🇵

As the 2015 IF olympics has been getting attention, I plan to make an Japan team.
Please enter by December 15th, 10:00PM. PDT


– Have at leasts 1 japanese airline (ANA, JAL etc.)
– Want to be part pf this team
– have a valid IF live membership.
–you are mature enough to be respectful and kind to others.

Go Japan!!

(Please PM me if you want to join)


Go japan!!!


You can always advertise on places other than the forums

Japan ain’t getting anywhere far 😂😂

If America won’t accept me then I’ll join. (I’m half Japanese)

Same here, but citizens of both countries

Sorry, i really don’t have anywhere else to.

Thank you @Rotate for adding the other flag

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Me too! Where are you from in Japan?

My mom’s side is from Nagoya, Japan.

My mom is from Tokyo.

I’m going to join team Japan.

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Are we going to have practices?

Jonah get out there and recruit!!

Its 6:47 in the morning and I have school!!!
@Narroc_Wim you are officially part of team Japan

Ooh… Off all the teams out there didn’t think we would have Japan…

PS you can have more than 3 if you want but keeping it small might be a good idea. Up 2 you.

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The larger team the better! The more points for you!

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Weren’t you going to average them! @Thomas_Galvin