Team Indonesia ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฉ || IF Olympics[Cancelled]

Although i am Not Indonesian, i will be doing this ;)

IF Olympics will Be soon, join us now and make Indonesia wins, this event will be in Nobember with great events, Flights, and training, i will need another Manager to help me, to join, easily PM me on Here or FB, will do some Testing and we will confirm if you will join us or not

Grade 3+
Any Nationality is fine
Have live

Garuda 737 and 777, Air Asia 320,Lion Air 739 and Batik 320 if not Available, 737-700 generic is fine

Join us and lets make this wins!


The Air Asia a320 is part of the Malaysian Air Asia, BATIK Air and Lion Air are part of Indonesia too, Iโ€™m Indonesia but no have 50000 XP :(

How much do you have?

1/2 of that :(

thats low, are you newbie or pro?

I donโ€™t fly that long, I fly fast, so the XP is less.

Do you think that you are compatible with the olympics?
if yes i will test you

If my live is still active duh ;-;

What a shame that I canโ€™t participate duh :/

Oh and donโ€™t forget Lion Airโ€™s B739 and Batikโ€™s A320

it is in November

My live will be renewed on December/End of November still ;-;

Pictures Media๐Ÿ“ธ Will keep an eye on you guys :) good luck in the games

Good luck to you :)

Good luck to you

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Hei i want to join

Bumping this, if you want to join
Fill this

@R_Jordanian how many people do you have and are you still intending to compete?

Totally forgot about it,โ€ฆ Cancellingโ€ฆ

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