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Infinite Flight Airalympic Games 2019


Welcome to the official thread for team Great Britain. Team Great Britain are an Airalympics team representing the nation Great Britain for the Infinite Flight Airalympics Games 2019. We Strive on professionalism and dedication, throughout the Airalympics team GB will be aiming for Pilots willing to spend their time and dedication to lead the team into a successful Airalympics.

Team Great Britain Fleet


A319: British Airways
A320: British Airways
A321: British Airways
A346: Virgin Atlantic
A380: British Airways
B747: British Airways


B752: British Airways
B763: British Airways
B772ER: British Airways
B773ER: British Airways
B787: TUI Airlines
B789: British Airways, Virgin Atlantic
B781: British Airways


CRJ7: British Airways

  • TBM9
  • C208
  • C172
  • C750
  • SR22
  • C17
  • A-10
  • F-16C
  • F-14
  • F/A-18
  • F-22
  • C-130

Team Great Britain Staff

Higher Leadership

Leader: @NationofAviation
Right hand man: ???


Choosen Internally

Application & Requirements

  • Grade 3 or above
  • Dedication
  • Willing to spend adequate time


Team Great Britain are looking for professional and dedicated Pilots to sign up if they meet the requirements listed above.

Airalympic's 2019

Airalympics 2019 - Schedule

Airalympics 2019 - Team Listing

Airalympics 2019 - Master Plan

Official Airalympic Games Thread Made By @CaptJackson & @Balloonchaser
Official Airalympic '19 Master Plan & Document’s Made By @CaptJackson
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