Team Great Britain | 2018 International Airalympics

Team Great Britain

//Info and Intro//

Being able to represent your country is great! You do not even have to be British to join! Representing Team GB can be an honor and will gain you much experience, and knowledge about flying in general that you might not have known!

//Team Staff//
@Ameru187 - Team Leader
@Kirito_77 - Trainer for Freestyle Comp
@Kevin_Potthast - Trainer for Cross Country and Racing
@Luke_Kelly - Trainer for Landing Competitions

You can join Team GB regardless of grade! We do ask that you are 14 or older to join!

1 Silver
2 Bronze

We operate all British Carrier Aircraft such as British Airways, EasyJet, FlyBe, Jet2, Thomas Cook, Tui, and Virgin Atlantic! These will be used to represent GB in the games!

B737 800
Jet 2

British Airways
Easy Jet

B787 900
Virgin Atlantic
British Airways

British Airways
Thomas Cook

Dash 8 Q400

British Airways


787 10
British Airways

787 8

777 200ER
British Airways
777 300ER
British Airways

Virgin Atlantic

737 700

747 400
British Airways

British Airways


All Fighter Jet’s

//How to Join//

//Try Outs!//

Tryouts will give us a total of 10 spots for our pilots. We will pick the best off of performance during different trials!


If you have any questions reply to them here! Or PM me!

Credit to @samueltherohtlaan for supplying me with the Aircraft on short notice!

Credit to @Balloonchaser for making the Team GB logo!


Welcome to the Airalympic Team! Great to see the British Participating! 😀


I expect great things from Team Great Britain 😉. Thanks for signing up with Airalympics

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Thank you @Ryan_Vidad Stepping into my Leader roll I hold high hopes for Team GB in all events! And believe the trainers are at their full potential to give their own knowledge to the new members!

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That’s a wide range of aircraft! Good luck!

Thank you! Join us if you please.

Just applied! @Ameru187

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Great! Cant wait to see you out there! If you have applied there will be an email in your inbox for the slack channel! Keep checking!

@David_Beckett @samueltherohtlaan Your application’s have been accepted. The others that do not have an @ did not supply sufficient info on their IFC name, if you did apply check email please.

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Applications Close Tomorrow! Sign up quick!

I truly wish I could join and support, but unfortunately I do not have the time. Good luck! I will try to come to the events!

You can join and participate on your own time! That is the great thing about this! Send us an application and I will get it accepted for you! Easy as that! Reply if you have done so. Hope to see you there!

Sign ups close today at 1400Z!

@Ameru187 I think this needs closing 😂

Indeed 😂 Mods may you please close this topic!