Team Germany Practice Video on Solo

Oi oi lads and lasses XD

I was doing a little bit of practice on for the Infinite Flight Olympics in November and I did an amazing landing in my opinion would love to get some comments or some critique as long as it is constructive.

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Nice landing! Tip: only turn on reverse thrust when the nose gear is down.


Great landing! You might want to flare a little more and make it a little smoother and also touch down a little later on the runway.


Agree with the comment about the flare, I was trying out using the trim to flare a bit odd and didn’t work effectively and I only got a tiny flare.

Oh and about landing area I think I landed in the right place?

The problem I recognised was that my flare was tiny so yes I did do it at the right time haha

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@Thomas_Oehrling… MaxSez: would have preferred a “Plane View”. Consider landing “on the Numbers” you where long. When the slats deploy suggest you fully extent the Flaps when stable. This gives you a shorter roll out & reduces Reverser burn time to get down to taxi speed slick as snot and a first exit to the ramp. Try it you’ll like it. (Manage the Flare, just plant the mains, keep the nose wheel just off the tarmack. That 3/5* nose up is not pretty and not pax friendly) Just sayin. Regards…


Totally agree man. To be fair the aircraft was too big for LCY hence the long heavy roll.

Hahaha yeh ill improve the flare! XD

I was trying to use the trim instead but it didn’t really work fast enough.

@Thomas_Oehrling… No Trim Tabs on IF Birds. When you Trim in IF the whole appendage moves. 0 percision.


yeh i think that might be true it either under flares or over flares and I overshoot only had one time where it flared correctly with trim XD

@Thomas_Oehrling… It’s a MiniBus Tom; > 30, 20, 10 Rotate.

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Duely noted Max

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@Bluepanda900… MaxSez. Tom’s mini bus has auto-Reversers, they engage automatically when the main make contact with the tarmack. If Tom followed your suggestion his landing workload would double. Manual engagement of the brake defeats the auto sequencing of both the reverser and auto-Brake.

@Pilotmaster2129… Don’t agree on landing long (“further down”) Pilot. He was long. Pro’s “Land on the Numbers”. Aim Point on the center line just past the keys,)


From the perspective I’ve seen yet at all. So excellent for Team Germany! ;-)


I was on the Centre Line, Landed in the right place i think and yes I intentionally kept my roll long.

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@Thomas_Oehrling… You asked for an opinion, a subjective judgement, you got my best shot. All things are relative and opinions are like (deleted) holes. Your welcome for my time and effort. Suprised your ego is brused.
Gooday, Max

haha no i respect your view no ego bruised here :P

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