πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Team GB πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

BA A319 for me… Even though I’m American, our country is going to be run by Wonald Wump. I’d join any other country who despises him. Even if it means partnering with @MishaCamp…


British Airways B767 for me. Thank you!!!

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Righty. Count me in. Remember who hosted the olympics in 2012?! I have all planes so allocate me one! Preferably not 747!

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Lol. I totally agree about Wonald Trump! ;)

Great! I’ve allocated you the 777-200ER if that’s alright? Also if you have Facebook please join our group as it will be easier to communicate (link is in post) thanks

Sorry do not have Facebook.

B772 is good, but, I cannot land it. (I will practice). When is first group practice. Please PM me as I do not have Facebook.

TEAM PRACTISES BEGIN 17th December. Till the 26th, in that time I will have a look at everyone’s ability to take off land and taxi an airplane


Good luck!

when will the event begin ??

As of now the first event is set for December 28th

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Ill join. I’ll take EasyJet A319 and Thomas cook A321. Could you please keep me informed on progress?

Is it ok for me to join as the a321 TCX?

I’m in if possible with the A318 BA.

Sorry I’m going to leave & join team Ireland sorry

Wow that’s rough…please try and keep on the same team from now you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to just switch you to Ireland in our documents.


All above added to the team, if you have Facebook please join our group link in the description.
Also as we have high numbers it is not guaranteed that you will get in an event, although I will try my best to get everyone in an event.

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I’ll add in everyone above. If possible please list your pilots on the original post. Thanks:)

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Sorry there just wasn’t a team Ireland when I wanted to join a team so


It’s fine they need more people anyway😜

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