Team France πŸ‡«πŸ‡· || IF Olympics 2016

Hello everyone my name is Plane6 and I’ll be running the French team for the Infinite Flight Olymoics this 2016. I love Air France and we will be accepting members and registering our team soon bye:)

We are going to win all the gold this year.
We will be participating in all events.


A320-200 (Air France)
A380-800 (Air France)
747-400 (Air France)
767-300 (Air France)
777 (Air France/Skyteam)
787-10 (Air France)


(Locations/Events): We will go above and beyond to win we shall be participating in all events at all locations.


*Our Slack will be up soon and a website and possibly a discourse feel free to PM DM or reply if interested.

  1. @Plane6 (Leader and Head/Founder of Team)
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I don’t think you need a Discourse forum for this πŸ˜…


discord is more or less the same as slack.

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Here is what iceblue said in the update post.

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But on there it says Wendsday night it’s Monday night.

That it for sorting out team members WITHIN teams.

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If you are accepted, I’ll join

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I mean the French are good are making planes…
Not sure they are good at flying them

Hahaha just kidding


You can’t use all the AF aircraft ?

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@Iceblue… Are these guys allowed?

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Has anyone joined?

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Sorry, but there is a warning here:

This is not out of meanness, but I have to draw a line somewhere, and that was when I did it. Also, if there was more demand for this team it would have been made earlier.