Team for Scandinavian Airlines VA

Before we start, I know this should be placed in the VA category but I can’t seem to do it.

SAS or Scandinavian Airline started over 70 years ago with the DC aircrafts. They now have over 150 aircrafts in its fleet and over 130 destinations all over the world including Los Angeles, Chicago, Hong Kong, and New York.

Its main hub are based on Copenhagen Kastrup, Stockholm Arlanda and Oslo Gardermoen. They focus on the bigger airports in scandinavia as Göteborg Landvetter, Bergen Flesland and Helsinki Vantaa and much more!

There’s only one thing missing in this: A Virtual Airline based in Scandinavia and have it’s destinations all over Europe and the biggest cities in America and Asia.

The new livery of SAS is available on the new CRJ and freshly pained on the 738. Also the just new, a bit remaked A320 makes it perfect for the fleet. Use the CRJ for a short hop between Sweden’s biggest cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg/Göteborg and Malmö! Or in Denmark as Copenhagen, Aalborg, Aarhus and Billund! Take the A320 for a spin down to Skiathos in Greece and the 737 up to the most northern city in the world: Longyearbyen Svalbard!

SAS in my opinion is ready to take place in Infinite Flight!

We will be based on the platform Discord for our community.

These positions are available:

Before you apply for the committee, you need to meet these requirements:

1.Time to take place in events, changes of the VA and be ready to do what your position is based on.

  1. Have a pro subscription of Infinite Flight.

  2. Be in grade 4 or higher OR more than 250 hours in the air. In SAS we want a high standard of the committee.

  3. Be creative and always being polite to members of the committee and Pilots.

  4. It’s not required but preferred: Speaking a Scandinavian Language (Finland and Iceland NOT included). Since I’m from Sweden and SAS is a Scandinavian Airline based on Sweden (18%, Denmark 14% and Norway 12%) it’s preferred to talk one of those languages. As I said, it’s not required but we will look at the application from people that are based in the Nordic countries that SAS is based on first and the third party ones next.

If you meet them you’re ready to apply to one of the positions below:

  1. Chief Pilot: Be able to test the pilots for their ranking.

  2. Human Resources Manager: Be able to rake requests from pilots and other VAs for eventual partnerships for example. This positions are for those who can use its time to the maximum.

  3. Chief Training Manager: For the new pilots we get it’s important to see what standard they have. It’s then the Training Manager to see and train the new pilots on the assigned aircraft.

For now these are the positions we need. Of course there are many more positions we need in the future before we start but to just build the VA is enough with four people.

For questions about the positions and see if you maybe is the right person for the job, send a PM to me.

I hope this VA will change the Nordic Region of Infinite Flight!

All the Best, Isak

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Are you IFVARB approved?

This is because you are Trust Level 1 (Basic User).

I recommend you check here if you plan on making a VA:


Hey! Not yet. But I’m sure there isn’t an Scandinavian VA since I’ve asked. I need a team before applying so that’s why I’m wringing this. I’m sure you haven’t read through it if you’re asking that question.

PM @BluePanda900 and he’ll help you get this VA started.

Hey. Yup I’ve read it through. I need a team before continuing. This is also a way to see if people are intrested in the idea

You start the VA yourself.

Ofc but as maybe all of us knows it takes aaaages for them to reply.

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I haven’t started it yet?

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BluePanda is not responsible for European VAs, @IceBlue is.


You need to be of Trust Level 2 and IFVARB certified before posting about Virtual Airlines

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I’m sure I can be posting it? But yes I know but I need a team before continuing. This is all this article is about. I’m sure you haven’t read through it.

Hello @Isak_Andersson!

Please refer to this thread for detailed information on how to apply once you receive TL2. We look forward to seeing your application.