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Team Fiji


"Fear God and honor the Queen"

Welcome to the official Team Fiji thread for the 2019 Airalympic games. We are seeking dedicated athletes and staff to join our team for the upcoming games. Fiji has a strong warrior heritage, and that will be shown in our fierce but honorable competition in the Airalympics.

Athlete Applications Are Open

Athlete Information
Team Fiji is seeking athletes to join them in the Airalympic games. We are seeking dedicated and determined team members who are willing to compete in events with ferocity and honor under the flag of Team Fiji.

Position Requirements

  • Access to the expert server
  • Ability to use Unicom and ATC
  • Ability to safely fly an aircraft in various weather conditions
  • Ability to pass a flight qualification test

The flight qualification test is a simple test to see if you can use ATC instructions and fly. You will be taking off, joining the pattern, and landing, while also using Unicom to announce what you are doing. It is very simple and should take no longer than a few minutes.

Staff Applications Are Open

Information Technology/Database Analytics Staff Member

Team Fiji is seeking an Information Technology/Database Analytics staff member who is able to organize data and report to the team manager on new applicants and keep track of which team members are participating in which events along with some other minuscule things.

Position Requirements

  • Verbal written interpersonal communication skills (English)
  • Knowledge of the relational database management systems (Google Sheets and Google Forums)
  • At least 12 years old
  • Pass an IFC maturity background check

Assistant Team Manager

Team Fiji is also seeking an Assistant Team Manager who is able to effectively lead a team in the absence of the team leader. The Assistant Team Manager will report to the team leader about the activities within the team and also assist in the training and practices of athletes.

Position Requirements

  • Ability to lead and organize a team
  • Verbal written interpersonal communication skills (English)
  • At least 11 years old
  • Pass an IFC maturity background check

Staff members can also participate in events!

Fleet Composition

General Aviation: TBM-930, SR22, C208, C172, C750

Military: C17,A-10, F-16C, F-14, F/A-18, F-22, C-130

Fiji Aiways: A330-300, 737-700, 737-800

Team Composition
Username Position
@Aceorbit Team Owner/Manager
Open Assistant Team Manager
Open Information Technology/Database Analytics
Open Athlete
Open Athlete
Open Athlete

More athlete spots can be added

Team Standings

1st 2nd 3rd top10finish

Medal/Position Number of
Gold 0
Silver 0
Bronze 0
Top 10 Finish 0



Very excited to see airalympic team threads go up!!! Great looking thread!!

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Team Fiji is proud to announce the addition of Fiji Airways 737-700 to our fleet!

This aircraft will be used by Team Fiji in the Airalympic games in events such as the Normal Weight Landing Competition, and if you would like to fly it be sure to apply as a staff member or athlete!


Can’t wait to have Team Fiji join us for the 2019 Airalympic Games! ☺️

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Team Fiji still has plenty of staff and athlete spots open, if you would like one, be sure to apply!

Athlete Application

Staff Application


Hello everyone, if you were holding out on joining team Fiji due to a fear of the flight qualification test, I have added a simple summary of what is done in the test to smooth out some of those fears. If you are comfortable with the requeirments, be sure to join using the athlete application today!


Team Fiji is still looking to fill staff and athlete spots, if you are interested, be sure to sign up via the google forms linked above.

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